Voice Versa in France

Voice Versa performed two charity concerts in France in the Chapelle de L'ancien Hopital, Honfleur on Saturday 14th August 2010 and at the church of Mesnil-Sur-Blangy on the 15th August 2010.  We raised nearly 200 euros for the Organ appeal at the L'ancien Hopital and nearly 700 euros for the church at Menil-sur-Blangy. 

Voice Versa were joined by Amanda Cazelles and Christelle Lechien who played a violin duet and a violin and guitar duet. Marjorie Holiday accompanied Voice Versa and played some solo piano pieces. Following the church concert an article about the event appeared in the local newspaper. Left to right are Christelle, Ann, Clive, Amanda, Kevin, Val and Marjorie:

Newspaper ‘Le Pays d’Auge’ Tuesday 17th August 2010

‘Voice Versa’ enchanted the audience

The church hosted a suberb concert by the English group ‘Voice Versa’ on Sunday.

The Association ‘Mesnil Patrimoine’ organises in the month of August every year a concert uniting all lovers of fine music in the Pays d’Auge. This year, the association members expressed a desire to ‘ take a breather ’ and not organise a production.

Father Malhère decided otherwise in sending Amanda Cazelles to Chantal Legouix, the president of the association, who could not refuse the hospitality of the church to the group made up of the young lady’s parents and friends. They are all English. They perform a repertoire ranging from music from the 16th century to modern pieces and wished to do so in a church.

The association took up its baton again to organise this concert so highly valued by the public, and welcomed, on Sunday afternoon, the group ‘Voice Versa’ with Marjorie Burnham playing the piano, Christelle Lechien playing the violin and Amanda Cazelles playing the violin and guitar. And when, under the suberb wooden vault, the voices of Valerie Kelsey, Ann Skelley, Clive Kelsey and Kevin Shurrock rose up, following pieces by Gabriel Fauré, Léo Delibes, George Gershwin with those of Mozart and Mendolsohn and many others, the music-lovers were overjoyed. The applause was equal to the talent of the musicians and singers.